‘ORIGINS: The Journey of Humankind’ Explores the Beginning of Humanity and the Modern World

The National Geographic series ORIGINS: The Journey of Humankind explores the beginning of humanity and the modern world. The eight-part series will premiere on March 6, 2017, and it was created by John D. Boswell of Melodysheep and is hosted by Jason Silva.

Two years ago I conceived of ORIGINS as a new kind of series that tells the story of how humankind came to be. The journey to create this show has been the most epic one of my life.

We are giving viewers a chance to relive moments in history that changed humanity – from the discovery of fire to the space race. 30,000 years of history in 8 one-hour episodes: Fire, Medicine, Communication, Money, War, Transportation, Shelter, and Exploration.

I had the honor of being creator, composer and editor for the series. Extremely stoked to share what’s in store.

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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