Oreo Releases Camouflaged Cookie Packages With Other Known Brand Names to Hide Them in Plain Sight

Oreo is releasing a limited run of camouflaged packages for their line of Oreo Thins so that the cookies can be hidden in plain sight. This clever campaign replaces the Oreo name on the side of the package with other real brands. This includes the iconic Better Homes & Gardens New Cook Book, a Ford Maverick owner’s manual, Green Giant Riced Veggies, and even a 3-pack of Hanes Tagless T-Shirts, all of which allow the cookies to be hidden in a variety of locations without looking out of place.

Our latest drop: limited-edition OREO THINS camouflaged packs.We figured no one can eat your THINS if they can’t find them!

via Nerdbot

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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