Coyote Peterson Goes Off In Search of an Adorable Orange Bellied Rough Skinned Newt

While on location in Washington state, Brave Wilderness host Coyote Peterson and crew went off in search of an orange-bellied rough-skinned newt. These adorable amphibians also secrete a toxin through their skin, but are safe to touch, as the poison is only released when predators try to eat them. They are also very fast and the chase was hard won, as these newts are made for a quick escape.

Look at the tail this is a great opportunity to for us to see how long and flat it is that’s like a rudder and when I went to catch this newt. Ut took off so quickly, it was just a burst of power from its tail that jetted it forward and I just barely was able to grab ahold of it and get it out of the water.