A Marvelous Optical Illusion Sofa That Appears to Be Off-Kilter at First Glance

Adaptation Illusion Sofa Green

Designer Fabio Novembre has created for Capellini, a marvelous sofa that appears to be completetly off-kilter at first glance. Upon closer inspection, however, the couch seats quite evenly due to the strategic use of wedge-shaped seat cushions. Novembre named this sofa “Adaptation”, stating that the need to adapt is necessary in such uncertain times.

Adaptation is a seating system confronted with the uncertainties of our time, with the precariousness of the structures, suggesting that just a little adaptative capacity is needed to continue to live and to smile. History teaches us that those who cannot adapt are doomed to extinction.

Adaptation Illusion Sofa Blue

Adaptation Illusion Sofa Green Back

Adaptation Illusion Sofa Red

via The Awesomer