‘One More Try’, An Experimental Film That Combines a Skater’s Failures and Successes Into a Single Shot

Filmmaker Najeeb Tarazi of Pomp&Clout created “One More Try”, a fascinating experimental film that combines a skateboarder’s various attempts at a trick, some successful and some not, into a single shot. This amazing effect, which makes it look like multiple versions of the same person, was made through rotoscoping techniques and machine learning. Tarazi was inspired to make this film utilizing the concept of ghost runs in Super Mario.

Inspired by ‘ghost’ runs in which people overlay dozens of attempts to complete a level of Super Mario, Najeeb wanted to apply the same concept to real-life. The result is a new kind of onion-skin that combines not just many time slices from a single attempt, but up to 20 distinct attempts at a single trick.

via Vimeo Staff Picks