Olly, A Digital Air Freshener Turns Internet Notifications Into Smells

Olly is a small rectangular device that combines internet notifications like Tweets and pings into smells. It’s a customizable “web connected smelly robot” that hooks up to a computer and emits odor. It can be stacked, have its looks changed around and all the parts, code and instructions are open and customizable. Currently, Olly can be created with a 3D printer but its developers, design lab Mint Foundry are looking to manufacture them for a wider audience.

Check out their prototype video:

Our first smelly prototype was the Pringles tube with a fan in the top and air freshener in the bottom. It definitely worked to an extent, and the fan did distribute the smell – the main problem being that it smelt quite strongly whether it was switched on or not. And its hard to smell the internet when everything else smells too.

via Waxy