Ollie Vue, An Adorably Tenacious 3-Legged Puppy Who Never Backs Down From a Challenge

Ollie Vue is a cheerful golden retriever puppy who was born without a left foreleg but with a very determined will. Whether it be walking on a leash, running free, swimming, climbing stairs, playing in the sprinklers or even walking through the back door, this tenacious little pup never backs down from a challenge, even when it’s something he doesn’t want to do.

But do I have to practice swimming today? Dad says you gotta push through life’s challenges so you can make it out on the other side to tell the stories you want to tell. Hope to master this challenge of swimming one day! Thanks for sticking with me through the journey guys

High five for Sundays! Well…you know..my elbow. ????????????????

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via BuzzFeed, My Modern Met