How the Oldest Drum Factory In the US Has Been Building Their Instruments for More Than 160 Years

Adam Miller and Meg Teckman-Fullard of Business Insider traveled to Granville, Massachusetts to visit Noble and Cooley, the oldest drum factory in the United States. While there, Miller and Teckman-Fullard learned how this over 160-year-old shop crafts bespoke percussion instruments, particularly their snare drums which are made from a single plank of wood.

Seven generations of one family have been making drums at Noble & Cooley since 1854. The Massachusetts company started off manufacturing toys, but is now known for their high-end snare drums made from a single plank of wood.

They spoke with Company President Jay Jones and his son Master Builder Nick Jones about the future of the company.

Every drum that I’m putting in a box at the end of the day, I know the customer, who it’s going to, or at least the shop it’s shipping to. I like that. You know having that ability to know who you’re building a drum for makes you care that much more about the drum you’re making and I don’t want to lose that.

US Oldest Drum Factory