Nine Colorful Office Chairs Autonomously Perform a Choreographed Dance Upon a Highly Polished Floor

Dancing Chairs

Artist Urs Fischer has created “Play“, a wonderful installation at Gogosian in New York City that features nine office chairs in different colors that autonomously dance around the highly polished floor of the gallery, choreographed by Madeline Hollander. This installation is also interactive in that visitors to the gallery are welcome to try to sit upon the chairs during the dance, but are unable to exert any control over them.

At the intersection of sculpture, behavior, and choreography, “PLAY” is an arena of chance encounters where visitors are invited to interact with nine office chairs. The more the viewer seeks to control the chairs, the clearer it becomes that they are not pawns or pets but participants.

“Play” is on display through October 13, 2018 at Gagosian on West 21st Street in New York City.