The Enduring Magic of the Empire State Building

A towering episode of the Cheddar and Curiosity Stream series NYC Revealed takes a look at the history and enduring magic of the iconic Empire State Building.

Several people who work in and with the building explain that the building was constructed in 104 days and how it was the highest standing building at the time, although it remained empty of tenants for over a decade during The Great Depression. They also talk about the wind tunnels underneath the building and the many modifications made throughout its tenure to be what it is in the current day.

It was once the tallest building in the world. Today, its presence on New York City’s skyline remains unmatched. The nearly century-old Empire State Building is an intricate ecosystem, having undergone a complete modernization both inside and out.

They also talk about the light shows for which the building is widely known.

Some of the building’s magic is in its history the rest is in the lights. For decades the top of the Empire State building has shown for the city at night. Today, lights in various hues pay homage to various causes, occasions and organizations. The system in use today consists entirely of LEDs

No matter how often the New York City skyline changes, the Empire State Building will always stand taller in spirit, particularly to New Yorkers.

The lights of the Empire State building remain a constant for even the most jaded New Yorkers. …There is alchemy in a glance at the Empire State Building against the night sky. Historic and modern, old and new it stands as the embodiment of dichotomy. At the end of the day as the lights switch on And it casts its spell for all to see

Enduring Magic of Empire State Building
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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