A Group of Musicians Provide a Lively Carnival Sideshow Soundtrack to the Noisy ‘Num Num Cat’


Made a #duett chain out of the numnumcat! #numnum #numnumnumnumnum #fyp Credit goes to: @harrythedrummer @jaredbrake @malindamusic @melic6354 @nicholas.lennox.music @otterchaosuk @samthehorn @sherzodergashevofficial

? Num Num Cat – MiMo

A group of musicians from different countries provided a wonderful lively carnival sideshow soundtrack to footage of Leo the cat making adorable “num num” noises as he drank. Musicians Sherzod Ergashev and Harry Andrehansen performed their own remix of the adorable Leo. Their video was then combined by MiMo Mio with another remix that featured Sebastian Gonzalez, Gabrielle Martin, Jared Brake, Miss Malinda Kat, Nicholas Lennox, OtterChaos, and Sam the Horn all playing to the noisy feline.

Here’s Gonzalez’s and Martin’s video.


#duet with @violingrl WELCOME TO THE SIDESHOW!!!

? –

Here’s the part by Hansen and Ergashev that was mixed in.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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