Nonchalant AIDS Joke Made by Boy on 1980s TV Show Mr. Belvedere

This AIDS-related clip is from a 1986 episode titled “Wesley’s Friend” from 1980s television show Mr. Belvedere. The clip shows Danny, a young friend of the show’s character Wesley, announcing nonchalantly that “he’s got AIDS but other than that he’s doing pretty good”.

From Wikipedia about this episode of Mr. Belvedere:

In one of many very special episodes, one of Wesley’s classmates contracts HIV via Factor VIII, like Ryan White. When all of Wesley’s classmates shun him for still associating with his friend (due to the belief at the time of stereotypes of AIDS being mainly associated with drug addicts and gay men), Belvedere is there for him and the child, and he helps the other students befriend the boy.

Episode synopsis from IMDB:

Wesley is supposed to play William Howard Taft in the school’s Presidents’ Day pageant, an opening to play Abraham Lincoln comes up. The boy who was supposed to play Lincoln, Wesley’s friend Danny, has been pulled out of school because he got AIDS from a blood transfusion. Not knowing anything about the virus, Wesley believes what his friends tell him about it and makes him afraid of Danny.

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Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff