Penn State Nittany Lion and Memphis University Tiger Sculptures Beautifully Made Out of Custom Tire Tread

Mixed media artist Blake McFarland created incredibly detailed sculptures of the Penn State University Nittany Lion and the University of Memphis Tiger over the course of 15 days. These mascots were each carved out of polyurethane foam and creatively covered in custom Goodyear tire tread and made their premiere at the 2020 Cotton Bowl.

Start to finish, these sculptures were completed in just 15 days! The timeframe is always the hardest part of these builds. The reason there is such a short timeframe is because the NCAA announces the teams on December 8th, which leaves me only a couple of weeks to complete the team’s sculptures to be presented at the game. Both sculptures weigh nearly 200 LBS each, and consist of over 400 Goodyear tires combined.

via The Awesomer