Nightlife, A Stunning Low Light, Stop-Motion Film Made With a Sequence of Looping Photographs

When supplied with a brand new Nikon D810, filmmakers Wriggles & Robins created “Nightlife” a stark and stunning experimental low-light, stop-motion film that features animals running through a park. The effect was achieved through a “sequence of looped unedited photographs” captured at different speeds and exposures.

Nikon gave us a D810 and asked us to make a film experimenting with the camera’s low light capabilities. Using 4 Nikon flashes, a 20 meter track and 84 foam board animal frames, we created ‘Nightlife’ – A sequence of looped unedited photographs using a combination of different flashes and exposures. The camera EXIF data on each shot shows the settings used.

Behind the scenes footage.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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