Nick Offerman’s Common Sense, Forthright Timely Social Commentary by the Sage Actor

In the premiere episode of the online Vanity Fair series “Nick Offerman’s Common Sense“, the now bald-faced actor and woodworker offered forthright social commentary and helpful advice about putting the “united” back into the United States .

Many people are saying that we are a divided nation. I would counter that’s partly because we spend far too little time showing each other basic affection. If no one shows you love, you begin to feel unloved so today I exhort you to say hello to a stranger, offer a handshake to someone who’s done something worthy of a handshake, perhaps even give somebody an unexpected hug, assuming of course that this is okay with that somebody.

In the second episode of the series, Offerman spoke eloquently about discerning truth from lies and cited a number of famous examples to drive his excellent point home.

Think about the legendary whoppers that we still recount from days of yore the Trojan horse, the book of Genesis every word ever spoken by Iago, Hitler and Tartuffe the claim that a giant Bunny hides candy in your house one Sunday a year. Think too of more recent indiscretions, such as ‘I am NOT a crook’, ‘I did not have sexual relations with that woman’ or ‘There are definitely some weapons of mass destruction over there’.