New Yorkers Appear to Be Frozen in Place in Super Slow-Motion Footage Shot With a Galaxy S10

Filmmaker Glen Vivaris captured the bustle of typical New York City streets in super slow motion with his Samsung Galaxy S10. The camera on this phone has a super-slow-motion mode that shoots 960 frames per second, which makes it appear as if the normally fast-moving pedestrians were frozen in place.

When I was in college in the early 00s an artist did this from a train going through train stations to film people waiting for the train. Back then it took an industrial line scan camera to do. Basically, an extremely high-speed camera that was limited to recording a vertical line only a few pixels wide. He afterward edited all of the lines together to create a video that looks exactly like this. Amazing that you can do it with a phone these days.

Vivaris is probably referring to the slow-motion series Stainless by filmmaker Adam Magyar.