Nano-Origami, Tiny Folded Paper Sculptures by Anja Markiewicz

Kranich aus 18mm

snowflake von jared needle 38mm

Hahn aus 9mm

Floreuskugel aus 30 Elementen, jedes 9mm

ein Versuch meine Miniaturen in Münzkapseln zu Schmuck zu verarbeiten

German artist Anja Markiewicz folds paper into tiny shapes small enough to fit on the tip of your finger in her series, nano-origami. Using only her hands and a toothpick, Markiewicz manipulates paper into miniature animals, snowflakes, flowers and a variety of other itsy-bitsy forms. Encased in transparent plastic orbs, a few of her pieces are available for purchase as jewelry, charms or keychains.

via Colossal

photos via Anja Markiewicz