Adam Savage Explains the Mysterious Origin Story of ‘Buster’ the Crash Test Dummy on ‘MythBusters’

While going through the inventory from MythBusters to put up for auction, former co-host Adam Savage of Tested explained the rather mysterious and fascinating origins of their beloved crash test dummy “Buster”. Savage talks about how the show obtained Buster, in which experiments Buster participated, what Buster taught the crew about the human body, what role Buster plays in the show history and what remains of Buster to this day.

One of the most beloved MythBusters cast members is Buster, the crash test dummy, and he has a somewhat mysterious original story. Here it is, in the words of Adam Savage.

As stated, the Mythbusters props are up for auction with proceeds benefitting The Grant Imahara STEAM Foundation. The online auction, which is being hosted by Tested and Prop Store, began on August 20th and ends on September 1, 2021. Those interested can preview the gallery ahead of time.

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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