Myna Bird Speaks Japanese While Trying to Answer the Phone

Abe-chan the pet myna bird displays a remarkable ability to speak Japanese in this 2012 video uploaded by his human. The bird converses carries on a brief conversation after his owner attempts unsuccessfully to get him to answer the phone. Abe is a Common Hill Myna, a species renowned for vocal mimicry akin to that of the African Grey Parrot. For those curious about what the bird is is saying, Reddit users have taken it upon themselves to translate the conversation.

Bird:” ‘Uhm Hello, this is the Ono family.”

Bird: “What’s wrong?”

Owner: “Abe-chan, you’re a little too early. Once the phone’s picked up, then properly say hello.”

Bird: “Okay, understood.”

There are a number of other videos of Abe-chan in action over on the bird’s YouTube account.