My Little Pony Toys Made to Look Like Characters From ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’

Mad Max Fury Road Ponies
Mad Max: Fury Road Ponies

Taneytown, Maryland-based artist Kelsey Wailes (a.k.a. “EatToast“) used polymer clay, acrylic paints, leather, and fake fur to create custom My Little Pony toys that look like characters from Mad Max: Fury Road. The entire series of custom Mad Max ponies are available to view on her DeviantArt page and Tumblr blog.

They were super fun to make and super horrifying (I’m looking at you, Immortan Joe). Nux and Max have moving heads.

My Little Immortan Joe
Immortan Joe

My Little Mad Max
Max Rockatansky

My Little Furiosa
Imperator Furiosa

My Little Nux

photos by Kelsey Wailes

via borderline artistic, Geeks Are Sexy

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