My 2003 Receipts, A Time Capsule of a Person’s Life in 2003

My 2003 Receipts, Economy Hardware

My 2003 Receipts is a portal into one person’s life in 2003. Every day in 2014 they are posting scanned receipts from their corresponding day in 2003. The receipts were saved following a dispute with a credit card company, though they don’t remember vowing to save the evidence of their purchases. Now living in California, the person includes commentary and speculation about their life in Massachusetts in 2003, and how it related to their seemingly mundane purchases at places like CVS, the Post Office, and Amazon. On the My 2003 Receipts blog they explain the project:

I saved every receipt I received in 2003. Now, 11 years later, I’m bringing them to you. I will post every one of my 2003 receipts on the corresponding day in 2014. So, for example, receipts that I received on January 1, 2003 will be posted on January 1, 2014. With some added commentary.

Expect the mundane.

My 2003 Receipts, Brine Hardware
Brine Sporting Goods

My 2003 Receipts, Pat's Peak
Pat’s Peak

My 2003 Receipts, Weekly T-Pass
A weekly T-Pass

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Katherine M. Hill
Katherine M. Hill

Katherine is a writer and photographer. She lives in Brooklyn.