Musician Plays Resounding Trombone Performance Inside an Empty Swimming Pool

As part of the Aberdeen Jazz Festival, multi-instrumentalist Michael Owers gave a resounding trombone performance inside an empty swimming pool at the newly refurnished Bon Accord Baths.

His and other performances were part of a separate event that took place at the Baths.

We’ve expanded our range of venues to include some stunning and unexpected settings. Most notably, we will be presenting a series of specially-commissioned performances in the historic Bon Accord Baths as well as inviting you to step inside the magnificent, wood-panelled Society of Advocates.

A non-profit group is working to ensure that the Baths remain open to the Aberdeen public.

We are a registered local charity working towards the aim of saving the iconic art-deco Bon Accord Baths in Aberdeen.

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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