Musician Plays ‘Moonlight Sonata’ For Injured Aging Elephant Who Was Rescued From Logging Captivity

Paul Barton (previously), an artist and musician living in Thailand performed an entrancing version of Beethoven‘s “Moonlight Sonata” for an aging elephant named Mongkol.

Mongkol had been rescued from captivity from a logging company, who used his size and strength for hauling trees. This cruel occupation poses significant hazards to elephants and Mongkol was no exception. Despite his terrible past, however, Mongkol is a gentle soul who visibly responded positively to Barton’s soothing performance.

Mongkol is a 61-year-old former logging elephant. His captive-held life was spent hauling trees in the Thai forest. He lost his right eye and tusk in this brutal practice. Mongkol was rescued and brought to Elephants World to spend the rest of his days relaxing peacefully in freedom by the River Kwai.

Elephant Music

via The Awesomer