Musician Erik Helwig Creates Peculiar New Theme Songs for Dozens of Television Shows

Musician Erik Helwig of the band Girls Who Care has created peculiar new theme songs for dozens of television shows. Helwig also manipulates the visuals of the opening credits of the shows in strange and sometimes subtle ways to add to the weird beauty of his new theme songs.

All of Helwig’s theme songs are available as name-your-price downloads from the project’s Bandcamp page.

My TV project will probably continue for a long time on and off. The best way to keep that going is to continually spread the damn things around the ‘net, because when I’m excited, I work for YOU. Please don’t make too many requests (the list is huge), but know that if you do make them, I will probably consider all of them (at the least) and actually make them (at the most). :)

Glen Tickle
Glen Tickle

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