Muppet Guys Talking, A Lively Film Featuring Five Original Voices Behind Jim Henson’s Characters

In a really humorous introduction to the upcoming documentary Muppet Guys Talking, four of the original voices behind these beloved characters – Frank Oz, Dave Goelz, Fran Brill and Bill Baretta – banter back and forth with each other while trying to introduce themselves, the film and to promote the extra trailers and episodes that are immediately available when one signs up to get updates about the film. While the late Jerry Nelson is not in this promo, he is very much a part of the film as well, as is their visionary leader Jim Henson.

For the first time ever….Five of the original Muppet performers/innovators come together to discuss the creation of their iconic characters under the visionary leadership of Jim Henson. …share stories and insights during a far-reaching discussion about their craft, their characters and working with Jim Henson … and YOU are invited to be in the room!

Here’s a 1979 Camera Test during which Kermit the Frog (Jim Henson) and Fozzie Bear (Frank Oz) engage in an improvised existential exchange.

via Boing Boing