Mr. Forthright Advises His Audience How To Make the Most of the World Cup

The irascible Mr. Forthright shares his secret for “Making the Most Out of the World Cup“, whether choosing to watch it or not.

Now make sure you have a country to root for, maybe as a country you live in – USA, USA – unless the country you live in won’t win the World Cup – Let’s go Brazil. Make sure you sound like you know what you’re talking about. Don’t say “what a kick”, say, “oh blimey, what a speculative cracker that was”. Instead of saying “we scored a point”, say, “OHHH” and then take your shirt off and run around the block. On the other hand if you just don’t like soccer, no worries. Most countries the whole nation shuts down just to watch the game, which means the World Cup is the perfect time for thievery. Everyone will be watching the game and you can take anything you want – except the televisions.