AnonyMouse Artists Create an Incredibly Detailed Tiny Record Shop With Music for Mice in Lund, Sweden

The incredibly imaginative group known as AnonyMouse, who previously fashioned an incredibly detailed, wonderfully mouse-sized version of an Italian café called “Il Topolino” (Mickey Mouse), determined that the mice of Sweden required food for their little ears as well as their little tummies.

So they constructed “Ricotta Records” a tiny, brightly lit record shop with albums by such minuscule performers as “Amy Winemouse”, “Stilton John”, “Feta James”, and “Taylor Swiss” arranged in the windows across the windows and in racks and bins throughout the store. A corner in the back features a stage, several instruments, and some very cleverly designed rock posters that are all related to the rodent theme.

The artists had also previously built a barbershop, an apothecary, an Indian restaurant, a jazz club, and a travel agency in different cities around Sweden and France.

And of course, there always an investigative string board.

via Sad and Useless

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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