Mourir Auprès de Toi, A Stop-Motion Film by Spike Jonze & Simon Cahn

Mourir Auprès de Toi (To Die By Your Side) is a delightful short stop-motion film co-directed by Spike Jonze and french filmmaker Simon Cahn. The film was “hand made with love” by quirky handbags designer Olympia Le-Tan (it’s her lovely Minaudiere Classique handbags that come to life in the film).

Nowness interviewed Olympia Le-Tan and asked “How long did the film take to make?”:

We worked on it as a side project for about a year and a half, on and off. Cutting up all the little felt pieces was really intense and took about 3 months non-stop. I think there were over 3000 pieces. Then our animators turned it all into a movie. They worked night and day for 2 months.

via Nowness

Rusty Blazenhoff
Rusty Blazenhoff