A Motion-Tracking Robotic Halftone Mural Painter

Shane Wighton of Stuff Made Here built a motion-tracking robotic painter named “Janksy” that created a halftone mural of Wighton’s wife glaring at him. The robot was built using weighted gantries that ran along the wall of his new garage and the image was programmed through his computer. The project took a bit of time as Wighton ran into a few issues during test runs, but eventually, it worked. Wighton was very pleased with his work.

So I haven’t shown my wife what I’m painting. I’ve kept her completely in the dark and it’s time to see what she thinks about all this. Hopefully, she thinks it’s amazing, but I can see why having your face 20 feet tall on a wall might be a little weird.

His wife was less pleased but found the humor in it.

It looks like i’m ready to be on a dollar bill….it looks like i’m so enraged…it’s a conversation starter that’s what art really is.

Here’s the finished product.

Halftone Mural
Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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