Harried Mother Bear Repeatedly Tries to Get Her Four Feisty Cubs Across a Busy Street

Mother Bear Tries to Get Four Cubs Across Busy Street

A mother of four children in Winstead, Connecticut captured rather amusing and completely endearing footage of a rather harried mother bear trying to get her four young cubs across a busy street.

As she made her way across with one cub in her mouth, a second and third cub followed after her. When she went to retrieve the fourth cub who climbed up a tree for safety, the others followed her back across the street. At one point, the maternal ursine tried to fit two of her cubs in her mouth at the same time with little luck. After a little, mother and all her cubs made it across the street. Thankfully traffic came to a complete stop until the deed was done.

First I thought 1 baby had been struck by car, came back 15 minutes later to realize mama was simply trying to get all 4 babies to cross the street, together! I can relate as a mom of 4 myself!