Man With an Intense Fear of Tight Spaces Crawls Through the Most Claustrophobic Cave in the World

Adventurer Dara Tah, an “Irish dude on a mission to have the craziest life possible”, cast aside his intense fear of tight spaces when he accompanied survival expert Edd Hill through the astonishingly narrow underground pathways of Ogof Y Daren Cilau near South Powys, Wales. This cave is known the most claustrophobic in the world and is home to a terrifying four-inch passthrough known as “The Vice”. The deeper you go into the cave, the tighter it becomes.

I crawled for 10 hours through the most claustrophobic cave in the world, Ogof Y Daren Cilau, which is home to one of the tightest squeezes known, “The Vice”.

This remarkable spelunking adventure took place over the course of 10 hours. If it had gone any longer, a rescue/recovery unit would have been dispatched. Tah realized this even before they got to “The Vice”.

We did hit a bit of a snag in that we’ve been really, really pushing the time. We only have three hours before cave rescue started looking for us and so we crawled as fast as possible towards the Vice.

This isn’t the first time Tah has attempted this journey.

I’ve been incredibly claustrophobic my entire life ever sinceI was a kid, and the idea of crawling into a cave like this is terrifying. Anytime i’ve tried to do it it’s ended in a panic attack. 

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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