Kindhearted Man Cares for 83 Stray Cats in Morocco

An amazingly kindhearted man named Yassine of The Yass House cares for the stray cats he finds on the streets of Morocco, fostering them as best he can while waiting for appropriate placements. He’s currently caring for 83 adoptable cats and a number of dogs. Adoption is difficult in Morocco, so Yassine has reached out to cat lovers in the US and Canada.

I currently care for 83 cats. I just come across cats all the time. A major challenge has been to find serious cat adopters in Morocco is often resulting me and bring them home…I started reaching out to potential adopters in the US and Canada. If you’re interested in saving a cat’s life by adopting one or more, then you’re welcome to Morocco. And by the end of it I’ll take you back to the airport.

Yassine relies on donations to help feed and care for these rescued animals. This can be done by becoming a member of his Patreon page or through GoFundMe.