More European Countries Invite Donald Trump to Visit Using His Own Distinctive Style of Speaking

For the hilarious international series “Every Second Counts” that makes fun of Donald Trump’s “America First” policy, television/radio hosts from Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal have put together hilarious videos inviting Donald Trump to visit their individual countries, each voiced in Trump’s own distinctive style of speaking. The Netherlands and Switzerland had previously posted their own video invitations. Another hilarious feature of this ongoing series is that the countries also compete with each other in good fun.

A Dutch Late Night Show, whose concept has obviously been stolen from us, made a video for the American President, so that in the future the motto will be: America first, The Netherlands second. This action of the Dutch in the Show “Zondag met Lubach”, hosted by Arjen Lubach, is geopolitically irresponsible and dangerous. Once again, the Dutch are stabbing the Germans in the back. Haven’t we Germans suffered enough? Living in fear of the Dutch for hundred years? We want to be Number two!

Last week the whole world saw the viral video of the Dutch satirical program Zondag Met Lubach. They claimed: America first, The Netherlands second. Quickly other late night shows from Denmark to Germany were not shy to copy that idea. And we, from the Belgian program De Ideale Wereld, were not shy either.

Holland and other European countries might think that they are the best choice for the second greatest country after the US. But we in Denmark think otherwise. Here’s why. Voice-over: Shaun Streeter.

As you know from now on it will be America First. And Netherlands wants to be the second. It is OK – they are not even a real country anyway. Ask Joey from “Friends”. While Lithuania pretends to gun for the second place it is all about being the third. It‘s true. Lithuania welcomes Donald J. Trump.

Portugal made a Reaction video to “The Netherlands welcomes Trump in his own words”