Pink Monster Who Loves Cooking Tries to Keep Spoiled Little Girl Happy With Food in a Stop Motion Animation

In a really sweet stop-motion animation “Mogu & Perol” by Tsuneo Goda, a big pink monster named Mogu who loves cooking, tries to keep a spoiled little girl named Perol happy with food. Perol just showed up one day at Mogu’s home and appropriated his dinner, starting a cycle of unwittingly selfish acts on Perol’s part.

At the park one day, Perol sees that Mogu is interested in a berry tree, she foolishly beats him to it and puts a handful of the blue berries in her mouth before Mogu can tell her that they need to be cooked first. Perol takes umbrage to this oversight and banishes Mogu from her life. At first Mogu was happy to have his meals to himself, but found that he missed his peppy little friend, so he lures her back with freshly made goodies.

via Short of the Week

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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