Mogoloid-A-Palooza, A Devo Themed Extravaganza


The Church of Sub-Genius presents Mogoloid-A-Palooza, celebrating 10 years of Mongoloid recreating the prime years of Devo. The event takes place this Saturday, December 8th at 12 Galaxies featuring Master of Ceremonies Dr. Howland Owll, performances by both Mongoloid and Mongolounge, a special guest appearance by Church of Sub-Genius co-founder Rev. Ivan Stang and a bunch of other great stuff.

The Church of Sub-Genius presents:
MONGOLOID-A-PALOOZA a DEVO themed extravaganza!

Saturday, December 8, show starts at 9pm
12 Galaxies, 2565 Mission Street @ 22nd in San Francisco
$10 tickets, 21 and over
Devolving the night away….

Featuring performances by:

Mongoloid – hard core DEVO – perform daring Devolutionary doctrine live on-stage – 2 sets!

Rev. Ivan Stang – founder of The Church of the SubGenius – will Slack yr whirld

Dr. Howland Owll (AKA “Dr. Hal”) – raconteur extraordinaire – masters your ceremony

Mongolounge – DEVO done Lounge-style – make it swank, swanker, swankest

KROB – Master of the Sonic Realms (as seen at Ask Dr Hal) blombs yr mind-gels in 4-D

DJ Big Daddy – spinning your ears, rocking your socks, save yr wails, raise yr lighters


Weird video from the vaunted vaults of the SubGenius archives

Paintings and artwork of long-time Devo illustrator KRK Ryden

UPDATE: Here’s some video I shot at the show.

Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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