Mobile Clubbing Organizes UK’s Largest Flash Mob

Victoria Flash Mob 7
photo by Charlie Danger

Mobile Clubbing, the group that started the original Pillow Fight Club, organized a massive 4000 person dance flash mob on Wednesday at London’s Victoria Station. There’s a bunch of great photos of the flash mob on Flickr.

More than 4,000 clubbers danced through the rush hour at Victoria station in Britain’s biggest flash mob stunt.

A deafening 10-second countdown startled station staff and commuters before the concourse erupted in whoops and cheers. MP3 players and iPods emerged and the crowd danced wildly to their soundtracks in silence – for two hours.

Last night’s flash mob ended when four vanloads of police dispersed the dancers. The event was staged by clubbing website Invitation emails and texts went out a week in advance.