MNDFL, A Drop-In Meditation Studio in New York City That Focuses on Mindfulness

In the latest episode of the Atlantic‘s video series “If Our Bodies Could Talk“, host James Hamblin visited a MNDFL, a unique drop-in meditation studio in New York City that focuses on mindfulness, mantra and intention, to see what all the fuss was about. As he found out, the staff at MNDFL practice what they preach.

The number one misconception about meditation is able to turn off your thinking. You can’t. The mind just generates thoughts the way the heart beats. My favorite word for meditation in the Tibet language is gom G-O-M. That can also be translated to ‘become familiar’. That’s essentially saying meditation is actually just becoming familiar what’s going in your mind and through that we’re actually able to be available to world around us and actually tuned in to what’s going on in front of us.