Mmuseumm, A Tiny Modern Museum of Found Objects Housed in a Former NYC Freight Elevator


Mmuseumm is a tiny gallery sponsored by the Fractured Atlas charity that’s dedicated to displaying found objects and art exhibitions. Housed in a 20 square foot former freight elevator on the eclectic Cortland Alley in TriBeCa, Mmuseumm 1 and the new Mmuseumm 2 are open Saturdays and Sundays from Noon-6:00 PM and rely on donations from visitors and the public.

The Museum of the Everyday is a small space on a quiet alley beneath Canal Street where one can peruse hundreds of objects collected from the streets of the world, each with their own accompanying story. The themes of the displays change every three months surrounded by an event. If you find yourself walking by iron doors in an alley late at night and see a light emanating from behind a small glass window, peer into it as it may be the world of the Everyday.

Mmuseum 3

Mmuseum 2

Mmuseum 4

Custom Melodies

images via Mmuseumm

via The New York Times

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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