The Small Acting Role That Mister Rogers Played on the Classic Show ‘Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman’

In a heartwarming episode of his newly minted “Acting Oddities” segment, host Brandon Hardesty of No Small Parts spoke fondly about the time in which the late great Fred Rogers had a small acting role (other than as himself) on the classic CBS show Doctor Quinn, Medicine Woman.

Mr. Rogers played the role of Father Thomas, a quiet, unassuming minister who was visiting his former protege Father Timothy in town. As with everything he ever did, Fred Rogers performed that role with grace, elegance, kindness and a certain familiarity.

When Mister Rogers shakes your hand, he looks into your eyes there’s such a warmth and kindness and so he was man and the fact that he was a Presbyterian minister in real life. This character is not a far cry from who he was as Reverend Thomas.

Here’s the report from Entertainment Tonight about Mister Roger’s guest starring role on the series.