A Heartwarming Candid Camera Clip of an Unruffled Mister Rogers Being Told His Room Has No TV

Candid Camera shared a heartwarming classic clip of the late, great Fred Rogers calmly accepting a hotel bellman’s word that there was no television in his room, despite the fact that he was attending a television event.

The bellman, played by Peter Funt the son of show originator Allen Funt, was completely taken by surprise at how unbothered the gentleman was, not only about the lack of a television set, but also his being on the famous hidden camera show.

We tried to trick you today with a hidden camera which is what that apparatus is and we thought you’d be upset that there was no TV not at all but you are completely unruffled …you have charmed us as you do all the youngsters in America that’s how I feel. Thank you for your warmth and thank you