An Incredibly Unique Overdrive Guitar Pedal That Can Change the Tone and Gain Using Liquids of Any Kind

Rainger Minibar Liquid Analyser

While reporting from The 2020 NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, host Joe from Reverb spoke with British guitarist and inventor David Rainger, who was at the conference to display his new creation – the Minibar – Liquid Analyser, an incredibly unique overdrive guitar pedal that runs on liquids of any kind.

Rainger demonstrated his pedal with such liquids as nail polish remover, water, coffee, and soda, noting that the darker liquids provide more gain and tone, as does carbonation and salt.

Rainger FX, with their Minibar Liquid Analyser Overdrive, sticks out. The Liquid Analyser is no ordinary overdrive. The gain and tone of the pedal can be effected by filling the small container on the front with liquid. The darker the liquid, the darker the tone. Salt & carbonation increase the gain. Talk about a pedal with room for experimentation.

The Minibar – Liquid Analyser is available for purchase through Rainger’s store.

  • Choose your own liquid combination to create your own sound!
  • Simple – yet completely innovative!
  • Incorporates green ‘analysing’ led (to show signal present)
  • tasty mirrored-finish box
  • interactive like no other pedal before – use your imagination to discover your own sound!
  • Rainger fx custom mini-pedal enclosure – with no sockets on the side!

Rainger Minibar Pedal

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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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