A Clever Miniature Electric Chainsaw Carving Knife

The Mighty Carver is a really clever electric carving knife made in the shape of a miniature chainsaw. The knife is fully reciprocating and serrated so as to easily cut through just about anything that needs slicing.

The electric carving knife you’ve always wanted is now here. Mighty Carver is the perfect gift for the hard to shop for person in your family. This crowd pleasing product will leave your guests entertained for generations to come.

The idea came to the founder when no one volunteered to carve the turkey the year after their grandfather died

At Thanksgiving dinner as far back as I can remember, I would get out the electric carving knife for Grandpa. He would carefully carve the turkey to serve the family. This is a wonderful tradition shared by most Americans. But Grandpa’s been gone for a year now and at the last Thanksgiving dinner I asked, “Hey, who wants to carve the turkey this year?” No one looked up, no one said a word. I thought to myself, come on you guys, you all love power tools, what is the problem? Then it hit me. “If this were a chain saw, you boys would be fighting over who gets to carve the turkey.”

Mighty Carver Electric Knife

Mighty Carver Electric Knife

via The Awesomer