A Wondrous Miniature Cityscape Sewn With Electricity Conducting Thread to Make the Lights Shine

Japanese infrastructure company Kandeko has created a beautiful ad for which material artists used a special Smart X electro-conductive thread, which easily connects to circuits and batteries, to sew a wondrous miniature city landscape with working lights.

When you make various shapes with a special conductive thread Smart-X on the stage of felt fabric, electricity passes through the conductive thread and the light turns on, and the cityscape and people with a unique mechanism.

Miniature Cityscape Conductive Thread

This ad carries the corporate message “Everyone Lights Up the Future”.

Corporate activities that not only connect electricity but also connect people and the future through various social contribution activities are expressed in a world view that combines technology using conductive threads and art expressed by threads.

Other ads have been equally creative.

via The Awesomer