Founder of Milo’s Sanctuary Talks About Her Mission to Provide Safe Homes to Cats With Special Needs

Michele Hoffman, the founder of Milo’s Sanctuary in Southern California talks with 60 Second Docs about her compassionate mission to offer a safe and welcoming home to cats with special needs. Hoffman explains that she wants to change the conversation around these felines so as to take the trepidation out of adopting a cat who needs extra loving attention.

The cats have taught me so much about life because they don’t know that they’re special needs cats, they’re just cats. I love them for their goofiness, their gentleness. Being with them all the time brings me the greatest joy. I really want to take the fear out of owning a special needs cat.

Hoffman founded the Sanctuary in 2004, offering a safe place for hundreds of cats to live in the safety of those who love them.

Milo’s Sanctuary is a southern California cat rescue created by ?Michele Hoffman to give a forever home to old, sick and disabled cats. Housing cats with cleft palates, cerebellar hypoplasia, birth defects, and injuries — with many rescued from hoarders and abusive owners — their lifetime care program provides a safe and loving environment for cats who cannot be rehomed.

Here are just a few of the residents of Milo’s Sanctuary. Donations can be made to Milo’s to help further care for these wonderful cats.

Many of our long-term residents have ongoing physical or medical needs that prevent them from finding a forever home. When we rescue a cat, we promise them a lifetime love and care. The Lifetime Care sponsorships provide the cats with shelter, food, special diets, medication, medical care, and anything else they require enjoy the quality of life we feel all cats deserve!

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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