A Magnificent Cityscape of Midtown Manhattan Built Out of Discarded Parts From Electronic Devices


For a class project on “manmade” items, Zimbabwean artist Zayd Menk created an absolutely magnificent, incredibly detailed cityscape of Midtown Manhattan using various parts from discarded and broken electronics. The project stands a 65″x 31.5″ and took over three months to build. Most of the materials came from family and friends.

I did have a couple of stuff lying around but I got most of the pieces by asking friends and family for their old junk. Not really sure how much more it would take to build the entire thing, probably around 10-15 more of what I’ve done. … this was part of my art coursework. The topic was ‘manmade’, so I was exploring recycling and how it can be used to make art.



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Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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