Michigan Man Sets Guinness World Record for the the Largest Tunable and Playable Ukulele

Michigan dad Lawrence Stump has set the Guinness World Record for Largest Ukulele. This giant instrument is completely handcrafted, tunable and playable, measuring over 13 feet long. Stump got the idea for the titanic uke while helping his son build a more traditional sized version for a science class.

The body of the instrument is constructed of birch plywood, and the neck and head are of pine, as are all four tuning pegs.The ukulele has the correct fret spacing required to produce notes separated by a semitone, as is the case on a normal-sized uke. In fact, it is an exact, to-scale replica of a commercially available Soprano ukulele – but 7.5 times larger.

Worlds Largest Uke


images via Guinness World Records