Michelle & Safire Find Mooninite LEDs in San Francisco


Iggy, Meet Safire.

Prior to all of the chaos, Michelle Clay and Safire found two of the Ignignot (Mooninite Marauders) LED signs in San Francisco, similar to those that terrorized the innocent citizens of Boston.

Rumor has it that a third one was discovered in San Francisco as well. Has anyone located any of the other 400 or so LED signs in other cities, aside from those “found” by the Boston Police Department?

UPDATE 1: Jonathan Lassoff is the person who recently found the third LED sign, an Err, in San Francisco.

UPDATE 2: The three San Francisco Mooninite LEDs join forces at dorkbot-sf #32.

photo credit: Michelle Clay & Safire
Scott Beale
Scott Beale

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