Brilliant Art Installations Created With Strategically Hung Smaller Items To Create Distinct Images From Afar

Visual artist Michael Murphy of Perceptual Art in Brooklyn, New York crafts absolutely brilliant installations created out of smaller pieces that are strategically hung to create a specifically recognizable image, which changes depending upon the viewer’s location. Murphy has done a great deal of commercial work.

Murphy first gained notoriety when he created the first fine art portraits of Barack Obama during his 2007 campaign for the presidency. His work has been featured in numerous publications including TIME Magazine and New York Magazine and can be seen in numerous permanent installations around the world. His client list includes some of the largest brands in the world including Google, Nike, The Jordan Brand, LG, Lexus, Subaru, The Big Ten Network, ESPN, Disney, and the Atlanta Hawks to name a few. He refers to his work as Perceptual Art due to the emphasis on the viewers’ perception.

Many of Murphy’s personal installations contain a specific social and/or political theme within such as immigration, poverty, gun control, opioid abuse, and climate change.

I know quite a few people who believe the opinions of climate change denying politicians and not those of climate scientists. I believe that climate change is real.

Murphy also created a wonderful tribute to the late, greatly missed Stan Lee.

via Hi-Fructose