A Precision Spinning Top With Mesmerizing Kinetic Motion That Mimics the Fall of Raindrops Into Water

The MezmoTop is a beautifully heavy, precision spinning top with a swirling design that, when in motion, mimics the delicate fall of raindrops into a body of water. This artisanal kinetic spinner was conceived by Kristoph Krisjans (previously) who specializes in high-end desk accessories.

Combined with the precision machined desktop stand mezmoTop™ makes a timeless desk sculpture- kinetic art piece to compliment any tabletop or shelf. Due to its unique shape and low gravity center mezmoTop™ presents truly amusing and surprisingly stable spinning characteristics. It will spin in multiple ways depending on how you interact with it.

Krisjans and his team are currently raising funds through Kickstarter in order to bring this mesmerizing kinetic desk accessory to market.

This is our 10th project with CNC machining here on Kickstarter. With more than 30 000 products already delivered to satisfied backers all around the World we can surely say that our team is well prepared to fulfill this project.

Mezmotop Stainless


Mezmotop in Hand


Mezmotop Stainless

submitted via Laughing Squid Tips