MetaLimbs, Innovative Attachable Robotic Arms That Are Controlled by a Person’s Feet

MetaLimbs Demonstration

Scientists at the Inami Hiyama Laboratory have created MetaLimbs, attachable robotic arms that can be controlled through the feet while wearing a special, interactive sock. Because MetaLimbs are fully reticulating, they can provide great assistance to those with missing limbs, those with limited/loss of movement disabilities and even the occasional cephalopod wannabe.

Human bodies are capable of achieving complex tasks in our daily life however sometimes we face problems because the physical limitation and the number of limbs. …you can use your actual two arms while holding an object with the robotic hand. Artificial limbs can be customized for specific situation they will support your tasks, including professional skills.
MetaLimbs provide easy, manipulating robotic arms by embodying movements.

MetaLimbs Standing

via Prosthetic Knowledge

Lori Dorn
Lori Dorn

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